15 Solid Tips To Save Money

Money is among those things in life which can never be enough. No matter how much we try to save money, something or the other eats up our hard-earned savings. So how do we convert these unexpected shocks into surprises and not let them get in the way of our happiness? The only solution is to be better prepared and buy the right things at the right time, so that we are not caught off guard with unwanted expenses. Here I will be discussing few sure shot steps to save money, as many of us are fed up of being miserly and wish that we could spend just a ‘little’ more and at the same time save a ’little’ more.

Here’s presenting 15 easy ways to save money:

1. Get supplies in bulk, look out for offers
Bulk shopping will get you a relatively higher discount. So make sure you get your groceries and utility items from a store that allows you to get the benefit of bulk buying. Also remember to swipe your membership card for more loyalty points.

2. Try non branded clothing
Well, a lot of us have this affinity towards branded clothes, because of the quality and unique styles, and that’s why they come with a higher price. But don’t you get bored of the clothes going on and on for years together? This is why you could try local brands. They won’t last very long, so are fit for short term purposes and the best part they cost a lot less.

3. Look out for sale at the online stores
During the sale in shopping malls, a lot of online stores also give discounts. It is a good idea to check these out too, before buying from your traditional store. There are several offers which make you buy more than you want but it is worth the money! Besides online stores are usually cheaper.

4. Open source softwares
Now this one is for techies. Open source softwares are the ones which are available for free. However, do not mistake them for the ones which have a free trial period and then become a pain with the constant reminders of the payment. Some open source softwares may not have all the features of their paid counterparts, but will definitely be helpful if you need only the basic features.

5. Save the supplies, eat leftovers!
Another major way of saving is to save the leftovers of one meal and consume them after a day or two. This will keep you from boredom and save the supplies. If you do not mind this, you can try cooking a large quantity for two meals at once. This will save time, energy and of course the cooking gas. But don’t forget to store them in refrigerators unless you don’t mind eating stale food.

6. Do laundry at home during the holidays
Washing and ironing of clothes is a tedious job and requires a lot of time. We all know how costly the process is. But sparing out some time for it during the weekends will definitely save a fortune. Guys saving these small bucks would eventually save a lot more than you expect.

7. Switch to effective calling plans
This is one for youngsters especially. A review every six months, will give you a better idea about which plan suits the best. If needed, you could change the service provider as well. I am sure you will find a far cheaper way to communicate, without missing any gossip or status update.

8. Clear off dues, ASAP
This one is a real pain in the @$$. Unpaid dues create a pile of mess with the ever growing penalties and finally disconnection of service. Try clearing them at the earliest or use your negotiation skills to get them cleared ;)

9. Buy gifts in advance, in bulk.
Make a list of festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions of all friends and family when gifts are to be given. Gifts are a big headache; for the giver and sometimes for the receiver as well. It is best to buy similar gifts for everyone of the same importance. Getting them in bulk will make more room for savings with discounts. Remember to keep two or three spare ones, just in case of a surprise ;)

10. Haggle your way in….. sometimes
If you go to a specific store every time, you could ask for discounts. If the shopkeeper recognizes you, he wouldn't refuse an opportunity to retain a customer. Even branded stores can give discounts, just on asking them. It may seem a little awkward to ask, but even if it gives you 10% off, you certainly won’t regret it, would you?

11. Recycle gifts
As mean and inconsiderate as it seems, many of us don’t even open whole wrapping paper, just a peek inside gives us an idea about the usefulness of the gift. If they don’t seem of any use, you can pass them on to others. A word of caution- it would be better keep a diary about who gave what, just so that you don’t end up giving someone’s gift back to them.

12. Going out for a dinner? Get the best deal!
Many sites have coupons that give you even a whooping 60% discount on the local restaurants! You have to pay a minor amount, to buy it beforehand, but it’s definitely worth it. Besides buffets usually cost a lot less as compared to à la carte

13. Pool transport
Do you know someone from workplace who stays near your apartment? A transport pool saves you money when there is inefficient public transport. This will ensure that both of you save on fuel expenses. Another added advantage is that you can always claim you care for environment.J

14. Bookworms, be smarter
Instead of buying books, read them for free by subscribing to a website. Find eBooks or if you really like to flip through pages, exchange with friends or join a library.

15. Keep a separate budget for health issues:
All being said and done, there can be no compromise on health. If you feel something is wrong, even if it is very minor, don’t ignore it or think about the budget. Go straight to a doctor. However, for the yearly/ monthly check up, you can look for discounts and packages.

The best way to save is to be able to save without compromising. But with the ways listed above, it is no longer impossible. Go ahead; give it a shot to save more! And do let us know your ways to being a smart saver.

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