Do we really need Swift Services in our Lives?

Going for an important appointment and you find a traffic jam. Frustrating? Yes and why shouldn’t it be. We are law abiding and responsible citizens and deserve to get all the necessities when we Need them the most. Fair enough. And if there is some problem in the service delivery, we say they don’t value our time… We all want speedy service for everything these days. So much so, that, for many service providers or products for that matter, timely delivery is their motto and USP. My question today is : does speed really make that much of a difference? Slow down and think. In the ‘customer is the king era’, it’s all about convenience, quality and TIME. Well the effort we put in and the energy we waste in hurrying things up, is really worth it? With the same or lesser energy, the same could have been done in a longer time as well. The difference in the two situations? Peace of mind. Or should I say, peace of time…

Memories- easy to make. No time to cherish?

Well, having a complacent attitude doesn’t help either. There would be no progress if we continued to do things at our own pace. We live in a smaller world now, and with globalization, staying connected is easy. But distances are still the same, only the journey duration is shorter.

For instance, before air transport being so common for the common man, we used to travel long distances by trains. As kids, it was a very eventful journey. With lesser or no means of communication and gadgets, it was just ourselves getting the time to ponder over stuff and most importantly, for getting ready for the exciting journey ahead. And when we got back from the vacation and start the journey towards our home, (in the slow train) we got time again to recollect the memories we made, and let them be cherished forever. That way we could preserve our memories better the long journey also prepared us for getting back to the old routine by giving you the time and space. Then, your time was truly yours.
And what happens now, air travel(or any other faster means of transport) has made life so dynamic. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the Time. Those two or three days we would have saved in travelling, are now utilized for other things. Or probably you would say you got some time to rest, in the time you saved. But I would say that’s different. A change of place and environment needs quite a lot to be prepared for, emotionally as well. Here, in terms of quality of life, I don’t see any improvement. Where is the quality of life if we are not able to cherish the best of our memories??

I’m not debating over the age old question of whether technology is a bane or boon. Of course it’s a boon. If only, we understood how to use it judiciously. For the elderly, it’s a bane because it can get tough adjusting to newer things which have revolutionized the world.

“Your” time isn’t just yours now. There are so many other people involved with us in every minute, every moment of our lives, probably for their gain but all the same, they also put those precious moments of their lives in serving us in some way or the other. So, if they are taking time in doing so, they aren’t just ‘killing’ our time, it’s theirs too.

It’s just that we have so much to do, that even a minor change or delay affects the whole plan drastically. Our daily lives are so cramped up that taking out time for our loved ones or even ourselves is a tough task. Still, at the end of the day we are gratified, thinking that this way the future will be secure. Surely, you need to work hard to secure your future but at the same time we’ve got to think about the present too. The ideal solution : live in the present, for the future. Well that’s definitely easier said than done. Balancing and fine tuning efforts in different aspects isn’t cake walk. But it is essential for a sound mind. We need to take time off things to overhaul to get things back in shape. After all, correcting the foundation is undoubtedly the only prevention for nemesis. It’s not just growth that has to be the focus, learning from mistakes and taking time to think over them is also essential for growth.

We’ve all heard about how short life is, and is that why we hurry to do things? Probably yes. They say time is money. Is our leisure time not valuable enough to give it the time it deserves? In my opinion, it is priceless, because that’s the only time we get to spend only with ourselves, yet we find it difficult to manage.

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