Solar Energy: Disadvantages of Solar Energy

In our discussion about advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, we have already discussed advantages of solar energy. Now lets take a look at disadvantages of solar energy.

However, this seemingly free source of energy is not free of cost in literal terms, let’s see how.

Too much exposure to sun rays can be harmful for the skin and may lead to skin problems. But the atmosphere acts as a sieve and removes a major part of the unwanted harmful rays of the sun. However, due to the global warming (caused due to release harmful gases into the atmosphere), the ozone layer has a hole in it now. Nature has provided us with all solutions to keep us safe and cozy, but it too demands care, or at least doesn’t want its own destruction. Utilizing its resources in the right manner is the only thing we can do. Over utilization has led us to a stage where we need to change the way we live and that comes at a huge monetary cost.

So, the choice is up to us. Whether we want to this big ball of fire to spoil our future for the present or refrain from harming the soil we have grown on, for a sustainable life.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1)  Solar energy is mostly available in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The region with maximum Solar energy potential is lying between 50 degrees north and south of equator. As we move towards poles, proportion of solar energy received by earth goes on decreasing.
2) It is seasonal in nature and cannot be utilized during monsoon or when weather is cloudy.
3) The solar power technology is still at infant stage and is quite expensive.
4) Cost of installation of solar energy plant is very high.
5) During night it is not possible to produce Solar Energy.
6) Storage of this form of energy is difficult.
7) At present heavy machines are not possible to operate on this source.
8) Solar panels consume land, as power generation per unit square is low.
9) Silicon, used in production of SPV (Solar Photo Voltaic), is a pollutant.
10) Return of Investment(ROI) on solar energy takes around 3-5 years.

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  1. But sun rays are good for health too. On few points am not agree with you please give me more information

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    Agreed they are good but too much exposure to sun may cause skin cancer too... regarding other points i would appreciate if you specify which all points you didn't get..

  3. I loved the disadvantages of solar energy given, it was just what I needed