Autobiography of a Word Processor

Born in the year 1978, with tremendous efforts to create a unique word processor, I was yet another revolutionary product.
They initially created me for the purpose of easing out their essay writing skills. As my newer versions came into place, I had become a software that could even tell mistakes, correct grammar and help with coding. With each version, I was brought in with something new and was not limited to just the functionality of a typewriter with modifying options. Providing perfection at every step and easing out typing had become my sole function.
Slowly and steadily, by 1986, I became the largest selling application software. But that is when my position started being threatened by other similar copied softwares developed by other companies. Since people always go in for better and advanced products, the story is the same for my counterparts too. They developed, they used, they left us. Harsh, but true. So they left me for the better ones by 1995.
But soon, after the failure of others, I came into the limelight again by being used in the mobile revolution. And here I am, 30 years hence, continuing to win hearts of millions across the world.
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