Grievances of A Software

Grievances of A Software a Sad Story of a Software...

Hello! I am a software. Yeh I know you use me every day, but do you even know who I am. I am not Windows, Mac or Linux nor am I VLC, Mozilla or Chrome.
I am just like any other baby out there. My developer, my parent, brought me into this world to help you with your various daily processes. The lines of code, that he wrote, are my body parts. And like you humans each of my parts has a function in itself.

After giving birth to me, my developer left me with his clients, to take care and use me according to their requirements.

You use me every day, still you don’t know me, nor do you understand my feelings. I work for you day-in and day-out, still you expect more and more from me. You use me to such an extent that I crash sometimes. My body gets injured and needs time to recover. Still you don’t understand my limitations.

Sometimes, some of my adopted parents upgrade me, give more functionality to my body parts. Still your expectations never get fulfilled. You throw me away after few years of use.

I have just a small appeal treat me as a HUMAN, because I have FEELINGS too. Read Autobiography of A Word Processor (Just 4 Fun)

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