List of Advertising Slogans

Famous Advertising Slogans
  In today’s world of revolutionary advertising, success of an advertisement campaign depends how innovative and catchy your methods are. Ad Taglines and slogans play an important role in grabbing the attention of targeted segment as well as audience at large. Advertising Slogans not only help you sell and market your product to customers, but also make a deep impression on their minds and help to form a “recall value” of product or brand.

Over the years various famous marketing gurus have worked their magic and have given us few famous taglines, punchlines which will always hold a distinct place in our minds.

Below is the list of some such Top Advertising Slogans (no specific order):-

“A diamond is forever.”DeBeers
"Coffee at its best"Nescafe
"Beanz Meanz Heinz."Heinz
"Finger lickin' good"KFC
"Just do it."Nike
"Neighbour's envy, owner's pride" - Onida TV
"Because I'm worth it" - L'Oréal (old)
“Because you’re worth it”- L'Oréal (new)
"Intel inside" - Intel
“Have it your way.” - Burger King
"We bring good things to life." - GE (General Electric)
"Between love and madness lies Obsession." - Calvin Klein
"The world's local bank"HSBC
"Preparing to be a beautiful lady." - Pears Soap
"Have a break, have a Kit Kat" - Kit Kat chocolate
"I'm lovin' it" - McDonald's
"Kills Germs Dead"Domestos
"I never knew you had dandruff" - Head & Shoulders shampoo
"The happiest place on Earth"Disneyland
"Don't just book it. Thomas Cook it." - Thomas Cook
"We Really Move Our Tail For You" - Continental Airlines
"Taste Me! Taste Me! Come on and Taste Me!" - Doral Cigarettes
"Once driven, forever smitten" - Vauxhall Motors
"Sheer driving pleasure"BMW
"Go well. Go Shell" - Shell Oil
“I want YOU for the US Army”US Army
“Connecting People” – Nokia
“Obey your thirst.”Sprite
"Gotta have my pops!" - Corn Pops
"Betcha can't eat just one" - Lay's potato chips
"Hungry? Grab a Snickers" - Snickers
"Same time tomorrow?" - Diet Pepsi
“It's everywhere you want to be.”- VISA
"Consider IT Done" - Syntel
"When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." - Federal Express
"Anyway you please it, cheese it" - Cheese Council
"Eye it. Try it. Buy it." - Chevrolet
"Snap! Crackle! Pop!" - Kellogg's Rice Krispies
"Don't dream it. Drive it." - Jaguar
"To cherish, to care for your skin" - Astral moisturising cream
"For men who don’t have to try too hard." - Denim aftershave
"Rare but good." - Imperial Leather
"When a man you’ve never met before suddenly gives you flowers." - Impulse
"No more tears." - Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
"Keep that schoolgirl complexion." - Palmolive soap
"Cabinets fit for royalty, but affordable for all!" - Kitchen Cabinet Kings
"Smash it to pieces, love it to bits" - Terry's Chocolate Orange
"The last place you want to go" - Dixons
"Quality you'd expect at prices you wouldn't" - Waitrose Essential
"All that glitters is not gold. " - Blackthorn Gold
"Express yourself every day. " - Philips
"If we don't sell it, you won't need it. " - The Range
"Let’s make excellent happen " - New Balance 1080
"The tastiest snack you’ve never tried " - Sun Chips
"For the men in charge of Change " - Fortune
"Let your fingers do the walking " - Yellow Pages

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List of Famous Commercial Ad Slogans


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  2. Well and good but more catchy slogans are needed.But very good these slogans are

  3. Indeed, slogans or taglines are really very important in the promotion of products and services. There may be companies who have had two or more slogan changes but the more popular ones always had one. Coming up with a great line that will be remembered by everyone is not an easy task. It certainly takes lots of research, comparisons and decision makings. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post. This will definitely provide inspiration especially to those just starting up a business.

  4. an idea can change your life sirji-idea

  5. Its not just shampoo - Kara

  6. LOL! I still remember those slogans which came up when I was just a kid. They bring back the memories of my childhood so I want to thank you for posting this. I had a good read on this one. :)

  7. Honey Nut Cherrios
    ''Bee Happy ,Bee Healthy.''

  8. tagline of bmw is 'the ultimate driving machine'

  9. I like these! My favorite is the Mcdonalds one. It's really stuck to my mind.

  10. trust pink,forget stains - vanish
    the mint with a hole - polo
    the best a man can get- gillette razor

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