Co-prime Numbers : What are Co-Prime Numbers?

What are relatively prime numbers / co-prime numbers?

A set of numbers which do not have any other common factor other than 1 are called co-prime or relatively prime numbers. This means those numbers whose HCF is 1.

For example, 8 and 9 have no other common factor other than 1 so they are co-prime numbers.
What is a coprime number
Properties Of Co-prime Numbers:

• All prime numbers are co-prime to each other.
• Any 2 consecutive integers are always co-prime.
• Sum of any two co-prime numbers is always co-prime with their product.
• 1 is co-prime with all numbers.
• a and b (natural numbers) are co-prime only if the numbers 2a-1 and 2b-1 are co-prime.

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What are co-prime numbers ?